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After a quick break for school, i've been editing the site again and again, and finally, we're putting the last pieces to the puzzle.

we have a slightly new look on several pages. some content editing and a new shoutbox.

Thanks for reading this small update,

Views: 435 | Added by: bitensprunk | Date: 2008-11-02

In the last days, i've collected some people to help me. For now i've managed to recruit 3 of my friends to administrate the newly made forum, write reviews and help me to update the information on the site.

About 2 days ago, i've added a forum with some basic subjects. here we can chat and exchange ideas for LANspecials.

I'd like to introduce the new team:

Nickname: Alfonzo.
Current Jobs: Advertiser, Moderator, Reviewer, OFP Mission Maker

Nickname: Theshadow1993
Current Jobs: Advertiser, Moderator, Reviewer, Trackmania Track Builder
Views: 467 | Added by: bitensprunk | Date: 2008-10-15

welcome and thank you for reading because it was a rough start for me to create this site.
i have my exams coming up this summer and school is just getting harder and harder, so i had little time to set up my site lately. luckely, i had someone to help me out with the design of the site. and soon i will have someone to help me out with the extension of the games list and the mods list.

Well, for those who are interested, i will post some items about what i'm going to do or just did do, later this year.

for example, i'm going to see Feuerengel (a rammstein-coverband) on the 14th of november.

so, thank you for visiting and write something in my guestbook :)
Views: 479 | Added by: bitensprunk | Date: 2008-10-04

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