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What is LANspecials?

LANspecials is an informative site which is meant to help the newcoming gamers who want to experience LANparties. these gamers can be newcoming, but also experienced gamers and LAN-ners. Basiclly we're a community. But when the community grows, we're also expanding to clanbased gaming.

What are the rules?

Rules can be found on the forum.
also you can click [url=]Here[/url]

Is LANspecials a clan?

No. LANspecials is not a clan. for now we're still a community but when we've grown enough, we're going to expand to CLANbased gaming on multiple games.

Ok so i joined LANspecials. what now?

Well, what do you want to do? there are multiple possibilities on what you can do. you can apply for a job, write member reviews and you can just talk on the forum.

I'm interested in joining the LANspecials team, is that possible?

Yes. you can join the LANspecials team. what do you have to do for that?

1. Create an account on LANspecials.
2. Go to the forum. you can find application forms in this topic:]
3. create a new topic in the 'Want to join the team?' board on the forum and wait for an admin to reply.
4. if your application has passed and you've become member of the team, you should now fulfill your duties.
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