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35. deardyKem   (2012-08-23 8:19 AM) E-mail
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34. Spemacoomecat   (2012-08-22 10:30 PM) E-mail
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33. Ronfloli   (2012-08-22 8:40 PM) E-mail

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32. Qamaredh   (2012-08-14 3:27 PM) E-mail
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31. Lussiuyer   (2012-07-28 3:52 AM) E-mail

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29. avaskeree   (2012-07-20 3:44 AM) E-mail
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28. linsSoisy   (2012-07-04 1:37 PM) E-mail

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27. mandingOO   (2012-06-28 2:12 PM) E-mail

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26. excimiGligreek   (2012-06-09 11:36 AM) E-mail

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25. Pyncninuita   (2012-06-08 4:53 PM) E-mail
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24. apeleteHobbip   (2012-06-03 9:51 PM) E-mail
Отлично написано. Позитива конечно не хватает, но читал на одном дыхании

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23. GofeGadateD   (2012-05-31 6:23 PM) E-mail
Все змечательно, но хотелось бы более подробного изложения.

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22. drishololbogs   (2012-05-20 4:13 AM) E-mail
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21. Acaffobby   (2012-05-20 1:26 AM) E-mail
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