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What is a LAN party?

A LANparty is a temporary gathering of computer lovers and gamers who enjoy spending their time with their friends and computers. a LAN party's main purpose is playing games VS each other but there are variaties where multiple members from 2 or more clans come together and have clanwars. There are several sizes for these events. small LANs with 2 or more people, but there also are big LANparties where there are more than 100 or sometimes even 1000 people.
Small LANs are mostly kept in one house with some friends, but sometimes a small building is hired so the gamers have more space. Bigger LANs are almost always kept in bigger and hired halls.

Most of the time gamers are pretty experienced with setting up local networks and other setups, as casual players most of the time have no experience in this.

Next up are some example pictures of LANparties.

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