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Setting up a LAN is relatively simple.

Most people think setting up a LAN (Local Area Network) is lots of hard coding and stuffing cable in your pc.
well, that's not really true. setting up an easy network is done within a few minutes.

You'll need a few things.
1. internet cables for each pc in your network
2. an extra cable (from your Modem to your Router or Switcher)
3. a router or a switcher (i'm using a router as an example)
4. plenty of space for your LAN

Assuming you have a configured internet network, you can just put your ISP/Internet cable into your router.

Next you can connect all of your pc's with a cable to the left over slots of your router.

now boot up all the computers and try to connect with each other by opening each others files or playing a game or something.

Your network schould look somewhat like this:


Congratulations. you now have set up a basic Local Area Network.

Succes with your LAN wink

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