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This is a list with the best selected mods for Multiple games.


Battlefield 2:
Forgotten hope 2

Forgotten Hope 2 is a World War II modification for Battlefield 2 and is based on the original Forgotten Hope, a modification for Battlefield 1942, one of the most popular multiplayer games ever. Battlefield 1942 featured land, sea and air combat in a way never before seen. It was the goal of the development team to maximize the game experience by adding both a realistic and enjoyable gameplay to FH and the same goes for FH2 in the future.

With over 250 new pieces of authentic equipment, with tanks such as the mighty Russian IS-2 heavy tank and the diminutive Japanese Ha-Go light tank, aircraft from the rugged American P47 Thunderbolt to the antiquated British Fairey Swordfish biplane, warships such as the British Ark Royal aircraft carrier and the German Battleship Tirpitz and weapons including the powerful German Panzerfausts and the fearsome Russian PPSh-41 submachine gun, Forgotten Hope has a wider scope than any other Second World War First Person Shooter, ever.

Full information & Download links

Overall Rating: 8/10

Project Reality
The award winning Project Reality Mod and Black Sand Studios are proud to announce the official release of Project Reality v0.8!

Following the last release of Project Reality (v0.75), we have been continuously working to improve multiple aspects of game-play and resolve bugs. Thanks to the continued support from you, the community, and our dedicated team of testers, we have successfully corrected many of the bugs in v0.75 and added several new features and tweaks.

Full information & Download links

BF2 Ultimate-Coop Mod
today, the battle fields are too small for soldiers who are thirsty for carnage and the manpower of the machines of wars is too reduced. their weapons are not able any more to ensure the victory.the cars of stoppings with artillery do not have enough any more of forces to stop the enemy projections on the territory today the soldiers are to demoralize and the deserters multiply as well as the summary executions...

ddzev arrives with its first MOD: ULTIMATE-COOP for Battlefield 2.

Discover battle fields truer than natural (MOD 64) as well as the possibility of asking the support of bots (15,31,47 and 64 with Pack Bots Expert 1.1
The power of artillery will be able to start the apocalypse on the ground
The weapons are unlocked
Violence increased (gore mode)
New Skins
Gameplay is improved

Your be justified, then join on the battle fields soldier!

Full information & Download links

C&C Generals Mod
This mod features the weapons of EA's C&C Generals. you can use one of the standard infantry and tank weapons and even superweapons like the Scud storm and the Nuclear Missile.

Rating: 6.5/10

Like it's halloween every time you play this mod. this mod features great known halloween items as weapons such as Jawbreakers other candies and decoration items.

Rating: 8/10

do you like warhammer? then this is the mod for you. featuring epic strong weapons and grenades, you can nuke your enemies off the planet.

Rating: 8/10

Using the original Counterstrike weapons was never this much fun. though they may seem weak sometimes they are truly lethal.

Rating: 7.5/10

C&C Generals:
The power of San Andreas
This is a mod that gives the sides (America, China, GLA) more advanced units of the furture to their finger tips.

Since the war got very intense, America, China and GLA began to get intense and United Nations, Militia and Chaos Faction Battle out to save the earth from total destruction. The war will be the same as the original but the civilian towns will be destroyed on all skirmish maps. More tech goodies and also more units, sciences, powers and also new abilities.

The President of the USA sent the Mercenary Initiative (AKA San Andreas) into action. This army replaces the United States as this army fight The Terrorist Initiative. This initiative is funded and ran several operatives of the US.

7 new sides:

Full information & Download links

Blitzkrieg 2: The Finest Hour
Blitzkrieg II is a World War 2 total conversion for Command and Conquer: Generals. It will change all the existing buildings and units as well as boast exciting new gameplay. Blitzkrieg II is not simply a port of Blitzkrieg I over to the new engine, it is a complete remake. Everything you loved about the RA2/YR version is here, plus many new things. The sides as of now are the Allies, Germany and Russia (with Japan possibly to be added later on).

Full information & Download links

C&C Generals: Zero Hour:
Cold War Crisis
CWC is a C&C Generals Zero Hour Total Conversion. It takes place from 1980-1989 and it will feature realistic units from the 80's.
We want CWC to be a mixture of realism and fun. We will make it more realistic than vanilla Generals, with real life weapon systems and side specific characteristics.
CWC will offer 2 factions: Russia and USA. The Russians tend to use tanks and artillery (for example: T-72 / T-80, BM-21, 2S1, RT21-M only to mention a few) while the USA rely on aircraft and high tech units (for example: F-15, F-16, F-117, A-10 etc.).

Also we we will have a lot of infantry in the game, not all of them will be just cannon fodder. So engaging a T-80UK with a US Rifleman won't be a good idea. Other infantry units can be a real pain in the ass to armored units tough. We want the players to use more infantry than in regular Generals, where infantry wasn't the big deal. In CWC Infantry can be very useful, even against tanks if you have LAW/RPG-Soldiers.

Full information & Download links

[/size=13]Shockwave 0.95[/size]
C&C: ShockWave is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour.

The main goal of this mod is to make Zero Hour a more interesting game with more diversity between the generals, making you think twice before you select a certain general, and overall provide more choices, diversity, and strategic freedom than in Zero Hour - while keeping the spirit and design direction of the original Generals game and storyline.

ShockWave will include 3 new Generals in version 0.95, over 100 new units, tons of new structures, upgrades and maps, a fully working navy, and many other gameplay tweaks. ShockWave also provides completely custom made sound effects and music, new in-game weapon effects and visuals, bug fixes, and an improved battlefield overview with a higher viewpoint.

Full information & Download links

Company of Heroes:
Commando's Realism Mod
This mod adds lots and lots of new things into Company of Heroes.
such as:
- units
- abilities
- powers
- tweaks
and much more...

Full information & Download links

Battle of the Bulge
MrScruff brings this large download to you, which will give you an updated version of his previously released BotB modification, and takes you to the desperate fighting in the dense forests of Belgium and Luxemburg in December44 / January45. It's aim is to present you a mixture more of historical approach, but still retain the exciting and entertaining gameplay that you are used to from CoH.

The Battle of the Bulge Mod is, in its core, is based on CoH Gameplay; You have to build base structures, capture fuel, munitions and manpower points and research for upgrades. You gain command points and can use them for further options, depending on the doctrine you choose.

Full information & Download links

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